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Build a School in India


Build a School in India

 Build a School in India (BSI) greatly appreciates your consideration of a 2017 donation to its ongoing efforts to provide education to underserved children in rural communities of India.


Donation instructions are provided below, or you can go directly to BSI’s online donation page:


Note: All 2017 donations will be matched –- doubling the value of your contribution!


From “Future location for 10th Std. Classroom” To “Completed high school”

                              10th Std. Classroom in use for verbal English training

                10th Std. Classroom in use for extracurricular chess competitions



With BSI’s support all four grade levels of the high school are now fully operational at the Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan school (MBUP) in Sangola, Maharashtra. The almost 800 students at this extraordinary school live in a rural area that is challenged because of drought and almost total dependence on non-irrigated agriculture for daily food and supplemental income.

3D map of rivers in Maharashtra made by students

Thank You for Supporting Build a School in India!

It is noteworthy that we can assure that every dollar (and rupee) donated goes to the schools. There are no deductions by BSI or One World Children’s Fund, our 501(c)(3) partner in the U.S., for overhead, administration, marketing, personal expenses of BSI’s volunteer staff, etc. Even financial processing fees are covered by a donor. 


It is even more exciting to know that the fundraising in the U.S. will be matched one-for-one by a small group of highly committed donors in the U.S.


If you are convinced and ready to make a donation, go to the “How to Donate” information below my signature, or just click here for online contributions:


Your support is truly appreciated, especially by the families of students who benefit from having access to a quality education.





Andrew Lederer, Executive Director, Build a School in India|650-823-7507|



P.S. A wonderful, easy and effective way to increase your support for BSI’s school projects is to forward this correspondence to family and friends.  Just add a personal note expressing your feelings about the value of BSI’s work and mention that every dollar donated goes to building schools in India for underserved children who deserve a quality education.