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How to Donate


Tax-deductible contributions for Build a School in India can be made by:

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Build a School in India (BSI) is a registered program of Partners for Better Futures, which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, federal tax ID # 82-2274818. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


BSI, through working with PBF, is able to accept donations of stock, bonds, and other marketable securities in addition to funds from corporate “matching funds” programs, donor-advised funds and qualified charitable distributions from IRAs.  Please contact BSI, as necessary for donation transaction information.


The Project Goal and the Specific Needs 

This is BSI’s 5th year of working with MBUP.  Our initial goal was to provide sufficient funds to develop a 4-year high school.  This project has been completed, and the first graduating class occurred in April 2018.  Our current goal is to role funds for facilities and development of an add-on, vocational training program for the high school.

BSI’s fundraising is a partnership with MBUP’s local community and supporters provide a portion of the required funds.  


Depending on support received from donors in the U.S., BSI may in subsequent years pursue additional fund raising to support the MBUP school’s development.  Pursuit of a permanent endowment is also being evaluated for the school to assure on-going access to a quality education, regardless of a family’s economic status, for children in the local community.


MBUP’s Purpose, Mission and Vision

 MBUP is “A Social Movement Founded by Women for Rural Development.”


MBUP’s mission is “Empowerment of rural families and their overall development by providing them a common platform to come together and engage in efforts to improve issues in the local community.”  The 5 pillars of MBUP’s services are:


1. Education,

2. Health,

3. Financial independence,

4. Eradication of atrocities and injustice, and

5. Environmental awareness.


MBUP’s vision is “Working for a just, equal, fearless and empowered society, focusing especially on rural families.”


Reasons for You to Consider Supporting MBUP

 Gives valuable support for a truly exemplary, model school that is:


  • advancing education for students living in rural communities within a 20-mile radius.
  • responding to specific needs requested and supported by parents and local community members for quality and comprehensive learning opportunities.
  • teaching knowledge and skills that allow local children to remain and prosper in their own community.
  • showing teachers throughout India a model for modern educational methods.
  • expanding individuals’ income potential in a very drought prone area, where 90% of the children’s parents are farmers dependent solely on each year’s rain and harvest.
  • demonstrating a history of on-going success in terms of student achievements.


Provides a great, and cost-effective value for donations because of the relatively low costs (compared to the U.S.) to expand an excellent school serving students living in a rural area.


Presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy one’s well-being in the U.S. and give something back to India that is of significant value and meaning.


Leverages every donation because:


  • more than one-for-one, matching funds from committed donors in the U.S. and MBUP’s fundraising in their local community.
  • 100% of every dollar and rupee donated goes to the project with zero deductions for administrative costs, marketing overhead, or the personal expenses of BSB’s volunteer staff, while finding, reviewing, pursuing, developing and monitoring all aspects of the organization and promoting the project’s results.

In Closing

You would be justified to question or worry that the hardest part of a delivering a good education is the quality of the teaching.  This aspect is MBUP's stellar accomplishment!  Teachers in this school are engaged, compassionate, and among the most effective instructors in Maharashtra.


Teachers are effectively organized and well supported by the administrative staff.  MBUP is overseen by an active, highly qualified Board of Directors and utilizes a group of external, educational experts on an Advisory Board.  Parents are extensively involved with their children’s educational progress, and community volunteers assist with many aspects of running the school.


The new vocational training program you can support getting built and developed will expand the current, marvelous teaching curriculum. For students who may not continue their education beyond the high school level, the technical training will provide a valuable base of knowledge and skills for their future. 


For More Information


Andrew Lederer, Executive Director, Build a School in India

Tel : 650-823-750