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Our Partners

MataBalak Utkarsh Pratishthan's (MBUP) is a women's driven organization. Their mission is to work for the empowerment and development of rural families by providing services to generate awareness regarding issues like education, health care, justice and financial independence.


Their vision is working for a just, equal, fearless and empowered society focusing especially on rural families.


2013 was the first year Build a School in India partnered with MBUP.


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The video below is an overview of the many MBUP programs, including the school, and a history of the organization with an appearance by Dr. Sanjeevani Kelkar, MBUP’s founder and leader.

Partners for Better Futures (PBF) is a nonprofit organization helping improve the lives of poor people around the world, primarily focusing on children and education.  PBF does this by partnering with local organizations that are deeply involved in their own communities, and participating in carefully evaluated projects and programs.

There are three programs within PBF:

  • Build a School in Burma(BSB)
  • Build a School in India (BSI)
  • APC School - Philippines (APC)


Prior to the PBF's founding these programs had each operated for several years through "fiscal sponsors."  In 2018 these operations joined together in a shared purpose, to help produce better futures for under-served people around the world.


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