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Latest Projects

Project 2018



Based on work done during this year and the successes of the last five years Build a School in India (BSI) is significantly expanding its goals.

For 2018 BSI strives to receive sufficient donations to support multiple projects, which will include:

  • Developing facilities, equipment and curriculum to implement a government approved, vocational training program for students at Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan (MBUP) high school in Solapur District, Maharashtra.
  • Building low cost, mobile classrooms from shipping containers for the Quality Education Support Trust to serve children who come from marginalized communities in Palghar District, Maharashtra.
  • Expanding and replacing facilities for young women to continue their education, post-high school, which will include academic requirements, vocational and life-skills training at the Jnana Prabodhini Harali Centre in Osmanabad District, Maharashtra.
  • Remodeling school classrooms and facilities at the Sondara Gurukulam residential school in the remote and underserved region of Marathwada in Beed District, Maharashtra.

Access to high quality, comprehensive and affordable education for students in India is not a routine occurrence. This is especially true in rural communities. BSI has a solid record of success in addressing these issues.


Project 2017

Funds were successfully raised to complete Build A School's goal of completing a 10th grade classroom in 2017.These classrooms help to continue expanding educational opportunities for children through high school.

Former Projects :


Project 2015 and 2016


In 2015 and 2016 funds were raised to complete a 9th grade classroom and Build a School in India. 



In 2014 the goal raised enough funds to support the building of a classroom that would allowed an 8th grade class that was completed in 2015. 




In 2013 sufficient funds were raised to construct a 7th grade classroom. Fundraising was a 50%-50% partnership with the MBUP community matching funds raised in the U.S.


The classroom was constructed between March-May and inaugurated in June 2014.  The first class consists of 42 students.  [See "Gallery and Videos" tab for photos.]