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Our School

- Started in 1983 with a pre-kindergarten program. Expanded over the years to include, with BSI's support, a 4 year, high school.


-Is fully licensed by the state government, which provides a minor percentage of the funds for teachers' salaries. 


-Accepts students from all communities and backgrounds.


-Admission is based on a first-come-first served criteria, limited only by space available.


- Charges no tuition fees.


 -Regularly contacts and works with parents to better each student's educational outcomes.


 - Provides a range of complementary support services to address issues that may effect students' successes.


 - Has seen nearly 5,000 students succeed and pass the standard curriculum and statewide testing.


  -Managed by educational professionals, staffed by well qualified teachers and overseen by a commited Board of Directors.