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About Us

Build a School in India's current project is the school of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishathan (MBUP). The school works to offer educational opportunities for children in the Sangola, Solapur District, Maharashtra. The school has had wonderful record of success in advancing education in this rural community for students with a 20 mile radius.


Nearly 90% of MBUP's students' parents are farmers who depend on each year's rainfall and crop. The regular occurrences of drought has increased and harvesting is becoming more difficult. Providing children a quality education allows a greater potential for income and success in their lives.


By responding to the local community's needs and gaining local support the school has grown from a pre-kindergarten class by adding one grade level per year. In 2017 the building of a high school that Build a School in India has been supporting for four years was completed. In 2018 the school graduated its first class. One-hundred percent of the students in this first class passed the state exams. This result is a wonderful statement of success for the students and accomplishment by the MBUP school. Launching the development of a vocational training curriculum, with support from BSI, was another 2018 new endeavor for the high school. 

Parents and individuals in the community continue to actively participate and have the opportunity to express their thoughts about the education provided to their children.


The school strives to equip students with knowledge and skills that will allow them to flourish in the Sangola community and not move away for jobs and income producing opportunities in other, larger cities.