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Stories From Our School

*Marathi is a primary language of all students and the language of instruction at the school.  English is one of students' daily subjects, starting in 5th grade and through high school.

Deepali Kedar

Translation – Deepali Kedar.

I joined Utkarsha Vidyalay in StdVIIth . Earlier I studied in a school in my village with little facilities , not even a playground of its own.

Utkarsha Vidyalay introduced me to a totally new world. My teachers were very good. The playground was specious and [I] started to enjoy spending time there. I started playing and participating in Kabaddi, Kho Kho&Vollyball. I also prepared for racing competitions.

While in [standard] VIIIth I requested our Sports teacher Mr Lavate to develop volleyball team as I loved that sport very much. He too agreed , encouraged us and our’s became a strong team. I was chosen the captain of the team. We performed very well at the Taluka level tournaments.

Backed up by good practise I also participated in Racing, Hurdles races and high jump . I participated in the Taluka  level compitition while I was in Std IX. I had practised hard which paid off. I won the following awards .

1)Third rank in 200 mtr Race.

2) Third rank in 100mtr Hurdles Race.

3) 4th rank in Yogasan competition .


I feel proud because of these awards and it is also brought my school into limelight once again. I wonder whether I would have got this golden opportunity  had I not joined this school ……!!!  


Saumitra Kambale

Mr. Sandesh Vilas Kambale

            My son Saumitra is studying in 7th standard in Utkarsh Vidyalaya sangola. Mumbai Science Teachers Association (MSTA) organises a contest from 1981, every year for the students of 6th & 9th std named 'Dr. Homi Bhabha Young scientist contest'. This contest is held in four stages.- Theory, practical, project and interview. Many schools from all over Maharashtra take part in this contest but can't succeed. For this contest, for the 1st time in Sangola, Utkarsh vidyalaya took part in 2013-14. At the 1st time a student Shubham from Utkarsh Vidyalaya got gold medal. My son Saumitra took part in 2014-15 & got a silver medal. For selective students who get a medal, MSTA organises a training for IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad). The training is of two years on every Sunday. The training is at Mumbai which is about 400 km from Sangola. As Saumitra created opportunity for himself for this training with the help of his teachers, I decided to attain the training. This is possible because of school principal, teaching staff & inspiration of Sanju tai.

 He got this life making opportunity because of the school’s efforts which was not possible if he was in some other school of Sangola.


Gayatri Dilip Ghadge

I Study in grade 4. I have been in this school for last 2 years. My father & mother both work in a factory. For the whole day they are out. I have a younger sister & brother. Now he is grown up. Last year I had to look after him on Saturdays as my mother used to be at work. So I could not attend the school on every Saturday. But the teachers were very considerate. They always helped me in covering the studies. My father used to take liquor, so he used to fight with my mother very often. But my teachers always teach us how to be peaceful and help fighting people to stop fighting. In the same manner I take help of our neighbor and now a days my father has stopped taking liquor. I am happy about it.


Sriraj  Ganesh Ingole

I have come this year to this school & love this school so much! I study in grade 5.I feel free here. Teachers do not shout. They help me a lot in my studies. I have started reading Marathi & English very fluently-now. I was a slow learner and was in other school for last 4 yrs but could not progress at all.


Vikas Dhanaji Game


I love this school because here we allowed to do so many things other than studying - especially science experiments. I am from grade 8.

 I come from farmers’ family and my father works as a tailor too. I have help him by collecting his stitching charges from the customers. My father never collects the charges but he sends me to them. He has a strong belief that I have developed very good communication skills because of my school & I can talk very  softly & convincingly to the customers.This is the bonus point that I get from my school.


Atharva Jadhav

 I am from grade 7.My father has a shop and he sells building material. He told me the story of Vitthal Kamat. His autobiography ‘Idli, Orchids & Me’ was the best seller in last decade. He became a big businessman but started by selling Idlis from door to door. I was fascinated by his story and my school gave me the opportunity during our sale activity . I sold ‘Rakhis’ worth Rs. 620/--this year and I feel proud about that. I came to know about ‘Bill  Gates’ on net because of my school and he has become my idol. I am sure I will be a big businessman one day and I will contribute my success to my school.  


Rajul Sharad Bhosale

Rajul Sharad Bhosale lives in the village of Achakdan.  He has been attending MBUP right from the first grade.  His mother had to look after him as a single parent because of discord with Rajul father.  Rajul showed signs of psychological instability and demonstrated a lack of ability to concentrate.  In the course of his teacher working with him, it was discovered that he also had a defect in his eyes.  After much persuasion by and encouragement from his class teacher, Rajul’s mother got his vision checked, and he started wearing glasses.  The teacher continued to provide extra attention to Rajul, and he soon started to enjoy and progress with his studies with very satisfactory results.  An otherwise subdued boy has become bold, confident and very expressive.  His mother is thrilled with Rajul’s positive developments, which she credits in large part to the special understanding, care and continuing support provided by the teachers and staff at MBUP.


Makarand Muralidhar Lavate

Makarand Muralidhar Lavate lives in the village of Nijampur. 


At the age of five Makarand’s father suddenly passed away due to an accident.  After the death, his mother decided to try for admission for her son in MBUP.  Markarand’s grandmother resisted vehemently.  She was worried that having her grandson sent to a distant school soon after his father’s death would not be good for the boy.  With this background the mother brought the grandmother to the school.  A discussion with teachers and staff took place.  Makarand’s mother and grandmother also observed the environment and ambience at MBUP.  They cautiously gave their nod of approval. Today, everyone is extremely happy with Makarand’s overall progress and his success as a student and a well adjusted child.  His family gives all credits to the thoughtful services and caring support provided by MBUP.


Rajanandini Mukund Shinde 

Rajanandini Mukund Shinde lives in the village of Kadlaas.  Her brother has studied at MBUP, since the start of his schooling. Being a girl, Rajanandini’s parents were reluctant to send her each day to MBUP because it is far away from their house.  They felt the village school was adequate but soon recognized that Rajanandini was lagging behind in her studies.  Her parents decided to allow Rajanandini to go to MBUP and with luck there was an opening.  Rajanandini’s former, casual approach to studies got totally transformed.  She became very determined and grasped the whole MBUP curriculum in a very short period.  This left her teachers spellbound.  Rajanandini says, “In order to continue to remain in this school, I am ready to learn any difficult subject. I just do not want to leave this school!”


Pranav Kisan Pawar

Pranav Kisan Pawar lives in the village of Aalegaon.  He loves the MBUP school.  Pranav says, “My parents have sent me here to get quality education.  Education from a good school will help me to get a good job.”  His grandfather was a tobacco addict.   In school Pranav used to listen to the teachers talking about ill effects of such addictions. This created a deep impression on his mind.  He decided to help his grandfather come out of his addiction.  Pranav started talking to him every now and then about the ill effects of tobacco chewing. With lot of persuasion the grandfather finally was convinced about what young Pranav was telling him.  He ultimately stopped chewing tobacco completely!


Tejasvini Patil – Std. 5th, Residing at Ekhatpur

I joined the school during the current year itself. I used to go to a school in my village till I was in Std. 4th. My village is about 7 Km away from my school. I catch the school bus every day to come to school. I like this school because they all follow discipline. Children do not trouble each other. All the teachers are very good at providing thorough explanation. I was very happy to be able to read story books in English in our library. We have a joint family and everyone is engaged in farming. However I want to become a class 1 officer. I am sure that in this school I will get well prepared to reach to my goal. I will never be able to forget this school.


Snehal Khandagale – Std. 5th, residing at Sangola

I am in this school since Kindergarten. I like this school very much. I like doing my science experiments in our labs. I can also play Volleyball. We have material available for playing lots of other games as well. All the teachers take care of us. They also check our physical fitness by measuring our height, weight, etc. Here we have been taught to save our environment. I have planted few flower – bearing saplings around our house as per the instructions from my teacher. Now the view around the house has improved a lot due to the presence of these flowers for which all the credit goes to our teachers.


Anuradha Shreeram – Std. 5th , residing at Javale

We are a joint family comprising of my parents, two uncles and aunts, their children and my grand parents.All of them are into farming. I travel 14 Kms every day to reach to school. I like this school as I can do lot of extra reading, watch CDs, and can play a lot. I also like to work in the farm. We have a small area near our classroom where we grow vegetable plants. I have planted many flower – bearing trees around our house. We have been taught to wash our hands with soap before our meals in the school. This has reduced sickness among the students to a great extent.


Prajakta Mane – Std. 5th , residing at Vadhegaon

I am in this school since class 1. .My village Vadhegaon is 6 Kms away from my school. Due to distance being long I need to take a bus to come to school. There is only one bus which leaves early and I reach my school at 9 am where as my school starts at 11 am. As I reach early I clean my classroom thoroughly every day and arrange mats for all the students. Then I start my “self- study”. I like my school very much .Facilities like clean water , healthy food , big playground, a hall for get together, and above all very nice teachers make this school a unique place. I learnt how to apply colours in a decoration. This has helped me to win the first prize in the competition held during the “ganapati “ festival in our village. I am going to contribute towards the progress of my village as my teachers have given me this great advise.


Yash Babar – Std. 6th , residing at Manegaon

I joined this school in last year when I was in Std. 5th. My village Manegaon is 16 kms away from my school. I have in my family my mother who is a 9th. std passout , father 12th th who works in his farm. I have a disabled grand mother , grandfather, a brother and a sister. I was in a school in Tehsil Atpadi till Std. 4th. I used to get beaten in that school. I used to get terrified and used to cry a lot. I was never able to study. Every one used to tease me saying that I was doing this deliberately. I was very much afraid when I joined this new school. Even after the reassurance from my family members I used to cry a lot initially. However my classmates showed great empathy towards me. The teacher’s behavior was morale boosting for me. I will never be able to forget this school and the people as all of them have wiped my tears and have taught me to laugh. In this school there is a lot of scope of reading in different areas which I intend to do so that I become a great person in my life.


Bhushan Ingole – Std. 7th , Residing at Sangola

I am studying in this school since Std. 1.My school is like my mother because she, being represented by the teachers of this school. The moments spent in this school and with the teachers have shaped my personality. Things like “ How to behave ? “ , “ How to walk?”, “ How to talk?” , “ How to study ? “ , “ How to make friendships ?” have been taught over here repeatedly .Earlier I had a habit of talking more, making comments about others and taunting . Due to our teachers and their attention I have successfully moved away from this habit. This school has developed stage daring in me and also the courage to accept my mistakes. My language – skills have improved a lot in the school and I intend to further improve the same. I am very proud about my younger brother who won the prestigious “ Sadvartan “ trophy( trophy meant to be given to student having ideal behavior ) , when he was in Std 4th .


Sahara Chavan – Std. 7th , Residing at Lohagaon

My village , Lohagaon is 22 kms away from my school. My mother is illiterate. My father is 10th passed and he does farming .Apart from the parents I have an elder brother who is studying is std 9th in another school in Sangola. My grand parents also stay with us. Where as my brother has to depend upon “Guides” (reference books containing questions and answers) for doing his homework, I do not require those books because my teachers get our preparations done very well in the class room itself. The teachers of all the subjects teach us very well. “ Love the animals’’ was the message I got from school which created fondness in me about the birds and the animals .I caught couple of rabbits few days ago and kept them in a box . However they ran away in a couple of days only! I realized that they were not comfortable staying within the box. Now I have decide not to commit the same mistake. What I most like about the school is that every one is allowed to express his or her opinion freely.


Prerana Suryaghan – Std. 7th, Residing at Sangola

I have been a student of this school since 1st Std. The teachers of this school are so nice as they ensure that the last of the students also understands the subject being taught.They make the learning a joyful activity. I am very good at making poems and can act in a play as well.My inherent qualities would have remained hidden had I not joined this school.My father is a farmer and my mother does the A/C writing of a small private fim.Apart from my younger brother , my grand parents also stay with us. The staff and teachers of our school are more considerate towards us compared to even our own family members.I like this school so much that I cannot imagine staying away from this wonderful place.


Yogesh Nanaware – Std. 7th, Residing at Kadlaas.

I have been in the school since 2nd Std . I stay in a village called kadlaas, about 7 kms away from our school.I stay along with my parents and two sisters. Both my parents are illiterate. They do farming . I help my mother in her household chores as she also has to work in the farm. My handwriting in Marathi and English has become so beautiful after I joined this school. My drawing has also improved as I get frequent encouragement from my teachers. I am confident of getting highly educated so that I could see progress of my family towards prosperity. The reason of this confidence is the atmosphere in the school which is extremely motivating for me.


Shubham Kulkarni

Myself, Shubham Kulkarni residing in a small village named Diksal, Sangola Taluka, Distrist Solapur, Maharashtra State is a student of 7th standard in Utkarsha Vidyalaya .


I completed my pre-primary education in my Village Diksal. Reputation and name of Mata Balak Utkarsha Prathishthan, compelled my father to enroll my name in the Utkarsha primary School of this Organization. Gradually I got engrossed in the lovely school environment. The teachers, my parents were very satisfied with my progress.

In 3rd standard I secured 1st position in the Taluka and 7th in the state in the Maharashtra Talent Search i.e. MTS exam. I was delighted by the praises and it was an incentive for me to work hard for 4th standard Scholarship.

Before the 4th standard Scholarship exam, I got a swelling on my right cheek. There was a lump in the cheek, which according to the Doctors needed removal through operation. I appeared for the exam immediately after the operation and was happy with the scores. I stood 4th at district level.

In 5th standard I underwent a second operation of the cheek. Despite the operation I was successful in the Ganit Pradnyashodh Pariksha i.e. Maths Talent Exam. I could do it only because of able guidance from my teachers. Sixth standard was the year full of happenings for me. My cheek`s ailment was diagnosed to be ‘Ameloblastomaa’.  According to the discussions my parents and Doctor had, my cheek bone was to be replaced by a bone in my leg. .

My parents, teachers, schoolmates and members of the organization boosted my morale to face the operation on 9th October 2013. It was to be carried out by renowned Surgeon. Dr Sultan Pradhan. Our Organization`s Chairperson Dr Sanjeevani Kelkar, Dr Ranjit Kelkar, Dr Suparna Kelkar supported and guided me and my parents. With their well wishes my parents admitted me into Prince Ali Khan Hospital, Mumbai. I very well remember, as we were entering the hospital my father made me notice a noble thought written on the Board, ‘Ladhai Ajun Sampli nahi karan mi ajun Jinkalo nahi,.i.e.War/Struggle has not yet ended, as I am yet to win.  This thought was a morale booster for me .

The morning of 9th October was special as it was my Father`s birthday too. At 7am, while going into the operation theatre, I had quite a relaxed feeling as Dr who was going to operate was highly expert, and I had everybody`s well wishes, I did not forget to wish my Father but found my Mom  a bit tensed.  Morning 7am to 5.30 pm was a day long operation, which was successfully carried out. My parents and everybody were extremely happy. Next 10 days in the hospital were really painful, but I was feeling happy, as I was getting better. I was being discharged. For me Dr Pradhan was next to God. When I asked him for his photograph, he gave me a very nice answer, he said, “Whenever you remember me you will automatically visualize my photograph.” This operation proved to be a great development in my life.
In very few days I started attending my school, my health was improving. With great enthusiasm I started studying. My school gave me an opportunity to appear for the exam which is conducted by Science Teachers’ Association, Mumbai. Dr Homi Bhabha Balvaidnynik (young Scientist) is the competitive exam which includes written exam, demonstration, interviews and Projects. Students are tested in these four criteria.Syllabus is based on 6th to 9th standard for this exam. I studied for this exam with great determination. I could easily overcome the obstacles of written and practical examinations, for which about 38,000 students had appeared from all over Maharashtra State.

I presented a project on public awareness regarding environment about stopping the damage caused to the vegetation during festive seasons. I successfully faced the interview on science subject and my project. I stood first and bagged a gold medal. My teachers Shri Raut Sir, Expert Teacher Shri Bidkar Sir, Shri Kamble Sir, Shri Kulkarni Sir and all my school teachers helped me and guided me in this project.

I was showered with lots of praises after this unique achievement. All these testing events motivated me and trained me for the future. I have learnt not to bow down before any adverse situation and I have decided to do lot of hard work. I have realized that success is bound to come with right efforts. I really can`t decide what I should become when I grow up, but I would like to serve my country by either becoming a doctor, a teacher or by working in Civil Services. I have decided to serve the poor people, and I also pray to become a good citizen of India.

Shubham Shripad Kulkarni

Mrs. Sumantai Kamble

A true story written by Mrs. Sumantai Kamble

From Ignorance to Knowledge.

From Knowledge to Development.

From Development to Unlimited Prospects.

I was married at a tender age and became mother within a very short period. I had to look after my son and a very large family. The family was being very orthodox, and I was ignorant of the outside world. I was hardly in my thirties, when the fate snatched away my husband from me. Being ignorant about my legal rights, I lost my property. Those in whom I had trusted, let me down. I had nowhere to go.

Then I came in contact with Dr. Sanjutai of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan. She along with other ladies in MBUP stood by my side like elder sisters and helped me in the recovery of my property. I understood the meaning of “self reliance“!

Without paying heed to cultural norms, social pressures, traditions, I stepped out of the house to acquire what was legally mine. Initially I felt shy. Meeting bank officers, several government officials were a daunting task. However my brother and MBUP helped me shed my inhibitions. Ultimately I could succeed in my struggle of acquiring what which was rightfully mine .

I had to earn my bread for living. With MBUP's help I joined course in Nursery Teacher's training . With the support from the organization I was also able to get valuable practical experience in “Nursery Teaching” in Pune. I got exposed to the working of women's organizations in Pune. I was offered the job of nursery teacher in MBUP's Utkarsh Balak Mandir .

Very soon I also became The Head Mistress of the school. I had stayed with my parents for a year. I decided to stay away. My son was attending school. The financial condition became critical, and I had to find out additional source of income. I decided to work with credit society of Sangola and also to do tailoring at night. Thus my days became extremely busy from morning till late night. There were other challenges waiting for me. My son dropped out of school. He did a course in electronics, and I helped him in setting up a small shop. That too could not succeed. However I did not succumb under pressure. Even in adverse conditions I built my house , got my son married (without taking dowry), and encouraged my daughter-in- law to complete her graduation. I became agent for two postal schemes and was able to supplement my family financially. Throughout this difficult and testing period ladies in MBUP supported me wholeheartedly.

MBUP got associated with “Vanasthali Grameen Vikas Kendra , Pune” for the refresher's course for nursery teachers. Fourteen such sessions have been conducted to date and I have worked as coordinator for all these sessions. In a nutshell I can say that I could shape my destiny only with the help of MBUP. The experience of working with MBUP is enriching. During the past so many years I have seen several cases where MBUP has helped women in shaping up their future and has created responsible and self-reliant citizens of India.