Watch an interview with our Founder and Executive Director!

May 2018- View a video about how Mata Balak helps foster personal growth in students at the school that BSI donors helped to build.

April 2018 - Learn more about the school, which now includes the high school that BSI donors helped build. The first class of students have now completed their 4 years of high school study. The video above is an overview of the many MBUP programs, including the school, and a history of the organization with an appearance by Dr. Sanjeevani Kelkar, MBUP’s founder and leader.

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The 10th grade classroom groundbreaking and construction (March/April 2017)

Photos from January/February 2017

Student's Classwork and English Schedule

The school's Fun Fair, December 2016

Rangoli (traditonal artwork) Competition, December 2016

Sports Competitions, November 2016

Diwali 2016

Photos from the School

9th Grade Classroom Inauguration, June 2016

May 2016 9th Grade Classroom Construction

Spring 2016 School Activities

 The titles for the photos have been written by students and may be less than perfect.  English is the third language that students learn, starting in 5th Grade The primary language of instruction is Marathi, and Hindi ,India's national language, is taught from an early age.

·  If you have specific questions about any of the photos, we would love to hear from you and will respond.

9th Grade Classroom Construction, April 2016

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

Rangoli Designs for a Rangoli competition

Sports Meet

Celebrating Science Day

Celebrating Marathi Day 

Students participating in a clean-up rally

Marathi Day
BSI Powepoint August 2015.pptx
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8th Grade Classroom Construction - March through May 2015

Ground Breaking (Bhumi Puja)  Ceremony 

Preparing for the ceremony
Preparing for the ceremony
Students help to bless the items
Students help to bless the items
Sai Kelkar, MBUP, 7th grade student and Dr. Mrs. Kelkar’s granddaughter (breaking coconut offering)
Sai Kelkar, MBUP, 7th grade student and Dr. Mrs. Kelkar’s granddaughter (breaking coconut offering)
School Leaders, Dr. (Mrs.) Sanjeevani Kelkar, Mata Balak Founder (in pink sari)
School Leaders, Dr. (Mrs.) Sanjeevani Kelkar, Mata Balak Founder (in pink sari)

Plans For The New Classroom

Pictures of Students

Enjoying 'Rangoli' drawing - a traditional art
Learning with teaching aids
A spcial cultural dance with rhythm
Self Study
Students reading extra curricular books
Students in science lab
Computer Class
Welcoming Hema Honwad , the in-country adviser for Build a School in India
Meeting a class
A class of craft
Students learning the 'Nature's network' by playing an innovative game
Students curiously look thro' the microscope at biology slides.
Students learning about eclipses in their new classroom
English conversation class
Morning Prayer
Students engrossed in drawing & painting
Students with self made caps, singing a joyful song

Outdoor Play!

Learning about agriculture on school fields
Students Viewing a topographical map
Students practicing Yoga
Girl's athletic long jump
Playing an Indian game - Kabaddi

New 7th Grade

7th Grade Classroom Construction
7th Grade Classroom Construction
7th Grade Classroom Construction
Formal Opening of the 7th Grade Classroom
Welcoming to the 7th Grade - Marathi and English
Student notes celebrating inaguration
Students are excited to see their self written artical at inauguration of their new classroom
Welcome to students and guests by their class - teacher on the occasion of the 7th grade classroom inauguration
7th grade students inaugurating their new classroom
Teacher addressing students and staff
Our Head Mistress giving welcome speech to students of 7th grade on the inauguration program

Video- English

Video- Marathi