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Our Founders

Andrew and Bob, the founders of Build a School in India, are dedicated to supporting access to high quality education for underserved children and young adults – especially where it is not always easily accessible, such as rural areas. Each year 1,500-2,000 students are attending and benefiting from BSI supported schools and projects. Bob and Andrew also founded Build a School in Burma, which has created over 60 schools in rural areas of Myanmar, providing classrooms for over 4,500 students.


Our Team

Andrew Lederer,

Executive Director and Founder,

Los Altos, California

Former, industrial engineer, hospital administrator at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California and healthcare management consultant. Andrew lived in Pune, India for two years, while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. He has maintained his 50+ year contact with India through friends in the U.S. and by visiting India every few years.

Bob Cornwell,

Co-founder and Director,

San Francisco, California

Formerly president of CSG Advisors, a financial adviser and consultant to governments and non-profits. Bob served as an adviser for over $11 billion in financing and development projects. He is a former Peace Corps volunteer (Jamaica) and wilderness ranger in Colorado.


Rajendra Lele,

Director, Relationship Development and Oversight.

Pune, Maharashtra

Formerly an engineer and senior manager in large corporations and currently a management consultant for corporate expansion projects, plus School Board Director.

Mittu Maliakkal,

Director, Media and Communications,

Los Altos, CA

Two Decades of experience as a software engineer with Siemens and Tatas, Mittu is a mom to a teenager and a maltipoo, loves to garden, believes in sustainable living and a complete bohemian at heart.


Mrs. Hema Honwad,

Country  Director,

Pune, Maharashtra

Formerly a teacher, school principal, internal manager for a multi-school society and currently an educational development consultant for schools and teachers in India