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"Since I became aware of BSI more than 10yrs ago, I have had the privilege of closely observing their efforts, their positive impact on deserving students, and the dedication, sincerity and persistence with which its leadership handles its responsibilities. As a successful immigrant in this country, I have always recognized,  counted on, and leveraged the power of education and access to opportunities. BSI helps me "pay it forward” by focusing my impact on education, especially for underprivileged girls and women.”

Jaydeep Ranade

Cupertino, CA, USA

"The vision that BSI has to provide quality education for less-advantaged and rural children in India resonated with me. I believe that education empowers people and can be used for the upliftment of society.

The leadership team at BSI have provided great communication on the progress of the various initiatives and the meaningful impact that my contributions have made. I am always excited when l read notes from students and information about the schools. It is gratifying to learn how lives have been transformed by my support in increasing access to education and learning."

Indira Vidyaprakash

San Francisco, CA, USA

"After 55 years in education, I remain convinced that schools provide the source of hope for a better world. I have watched the efforts of BSI since its inception and am greatly impressed with their success in helping communities expand learning opportunities for children in India. The practical and realistic approach to building schools with the participation of  local communities has already had demonstrable success. Much of this is based on the organizers’ familiarity with the country and with many individuals there who have been instrumental in implementing a number of projects. More needs to be done, and I feel that BSI will put my donations to positive use in developing more valuable school building projects."

Tom L

Kensington, CA, USA

"As a person who is privileged with a good education, I truly value the efforts of BSI to create opportunities and access for young people in rural parts of India to attend school where it is especially challenging to do so. It is noteworthy and to be appreciated that BSI’s approach is to collaborate with their school partners in India to understand the complexities of each community‘s needs and provide the support that is required. I appreciate that projects were initiated in response to the global pandemic to continue education programs for the community. Knowing that 100% of my donations go into resourcing schools without any deductions for administrative costs is also wonderful. Thank you, BSI!"

Swati Bakre

Chicago, IL, USA