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ASHA - Action for Self - Reliance Hope and Awareness

  • ASHA is a nonprofit, non-government organization dedicated especially to the cause of empowering women and girls.
  • It was founded by nine professional women in Pune, Maharashtra in February 1993.
  • It works on improving access to education for children in urban slums with a strong focus on addressing women's problems in daily living.
  • Develops and presents frequent community events throughout the year to enable the girls to stay engaged with the community, learn from them and channel their creativity and energy.
  • BSI has partnered with ASHA to support higher education and additional skills’ training for girls from 9th to 12th grades.
  • With BSI's support ASHA is working to enhance the skills of girls by giving scope to their talents along with their regular, school education. Currently 9th to 12th grade girls are given extra classes for spoken English, computer literacy , plus core school subjects.
  • BSI’s support is also enabling ASHA to financially assist a few girls to enroll in programs to get diplomas in mechanical engineering that will increase their employment prospects.
  • Recipients of ASHA’s services are encouraged to “give back” to ASHA by volunteering to tutor students and work with families.