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Kiran Educational Trust- The Foundation Academy (KET-TFA)

Kiran Educational Trust (KET-TFA) has successfully developed The Foundation Academy (TFA) – a school for grades 1-4 in a small, remote village located in Brajaballabhpur, Purba Medinipur West Bengal. TFA provides a quality education for boys and girls that reflects an environment that requires changing from subsistence farming to income-producing employment. The current economic situation of the village families is marginal and government support is minimal-to-nonexistent.

TFA now plans to expand and develop a secondary school through the 12th grade. This will require the acquisition of land and the construction of the new school. While the effort to develop and raise sufficient funds in India for the new school is underway, BSI will support the existing, primary school’s operational costs, so the children’s education can continue. Funds for the acquisition of some electronic assets such as tablets and computer, plus office equipment for teachers and students will also be provided.