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Unnati Institute for Social and Educational Change (UISEC)

Unnati Institute for Social and Educational Change (UISEC) has been working to improve access to formal, school education as a fundamental right of all children to a quality education. UISEC promotes literacy and language development in tribal areas of Maharashtra, where the
language (Korku) of the community is different from the official state language (Marathi) used in schools. [Note: Unnati means “advancement” or “progress”.]

BSI is supporting a project called “Wachu Anade”, which means “Reading is joyful.” The goal is to create a base of village and school libraries from which, a culture of reading, literacy, creativity, understanding varying viewpoints, and learning critical thinking, which can be developed especially for young girls, female adolescents and women. With BSI’s support Unnati is able to promote preservation of tribal languages and cultural additions to impart a multi lingual education.