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This year the first group of MBUP students completed their final year of high school. It is wonderful to report to you that 100% of this first year’s batch passed the Secondary School Certificate examinations (SSC Board). This is a remarkable achievement, since, of the more than 21,000 high schools in Maharashtra, only 17% had this result.



Celebrating these achievements is definitely in order. MBUP’s success as a teaching institution has been demonstrated, and BSI can be proud to be its supporter. The funds donated via BSI are what made the high school possible, and the good teaching is what makes the students succeed.


Another dramatic result for MBUP is that more than 50% of the high school students were “merit holders,” meaning that their SSC exam results exceeded 80%. Nine of the merit holders exceeded 90% results, and “the topper” got over 97% marks.



Local newspapers highlighted the success of MBUP’s first high school class in the statewide testing.

     Students’ (from left to right above) names and marks by ranking number:

1) Sai Kelkar                   97.2%

2) Anurag Gaikwad         95.4%

3) Yogesh Nanaware      95.0%

4) Snehal Shinde.           94.1%

5) Prerana Suryagan      93.0%

6) Pruthviraj Adlinge       93.1%

7) Anvay Kulkarni           92.0%

8) Onkar Raut                 91.0%

9) Bhushan Ingole          91.0%